32+ Antique Mirror Backsplash Tiles

32+ Antique Mirror Backsplash Tiles. These tiles have a finish added to the mirrored glass that gives it a darker, smokey appearance. You can also choose from marble, glass antique mirror.

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Instead of installing each tile individually, mirror tile sheets come in long, narrow strips that are ideal for kitchen backsplash installation.mirror tile sheets have a variety of. From traditional to antiqued, mirror can add light, space and bling. Glass tile offers a range of diverse applications that will not only elevate the design of your room, it also lends itself to personalization.

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Customize your kitchen with an elegant backsplash with antique mirror. See more ideas about mirror tiles, backsplash and antique mirror tiles. She wanted the antique mirror tiles staggered, and of course appear to be effortlessly staggered, an organic flow. This slimmer take on a white subway backsplash uses spirit, gosh white, lustre antique mirror, and gilt antique mirror in its blend.