26+ Etched Border Border Mirror Glass Etching Design

26+ Etched Border Border Mirror Glass Etching Design. Protective glass lens with mirror border. I decided to take a leap of faith with one of my already etched gifts, and spray paint it.

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Etchedborder = createborder(etched) etchedborder = createborder(etched, type) etchedborder = createborder(etched, hl, shadow) etchedborder = createborder the created border. Most designs can be sized to fit your glass and be done in the regular or reverse etched look. Etched glass design specializes in personalized original design and the use of sand etching as an art form for both architectural glass and giftware.

Any glass object or mirror will do, including jars and drinking glasses.

They can also be cut in adhesive backed. Click here to see alphabets, sparkling borders and other reusable stencils on amazon. Background etched gives a high level of privacy with only the pattern being clear and designs can be adjusted to suit different sized windows and doors. I offered to paint the frosted glass areas with a color to make it pop out a bit.