About Us

We Shalomglass & Craft Venetian mirror is a store that is in the center attractions retreat No.60x precisely at Jalan Oberoi Seminyak – Kuta-Bali. You will be very easy to find our store which has stood since 2001 until now.

We offer various designs of Venetian style mirror for your home, with a variety of models and sizes to suit your style to decorate the walls of the room and there is little other accessories as an addition to your home splendor.

With their classic appearance, any guests or people who came to pay a visit to your home will be very memorable for therein. We will assist you in designing the room and find a model that suits mirror of your choice with the following categories:

Mirrors that we sell are of high quality with the manual process and the results are handmade very nice and interesting.

Because customer satisfaction is our priority so the quality is very important for us for the sake of customer satisfaction and continuity of our business at a time when that will come. Therefore quality control also applied strictly in order to maximum results.

We’ve served a lot of orders from various countries in the world, for a variety of needs, for personal, project or for resale. ranging from small to large sizes at competitive prices. We will give special price for bulk purchase.

In addition to the model in the catalog, we also accept orders with special designs and different sizes.

If you want a Venetian mirror with a color other than the natural color, you can order on our other colors such as black, green, blue, pink etc..

If you are currently looking for items to fill out and complete the interior of your room, you have found the right place.
Feel free to browse our web pages to select a mirror large wall mirror that you like. and asked us what the question after you see it. It may be a mirror installed in your home will be an inspiration for relatives, friends, colleagues to start a business that was never thought of before.

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